What if you were told that everything you believe about your religion is false?

This is one of the questions posed in “The Revelation of the Nones.”  Most of us have relied strictly on faith (Sometimes blind faith) our entire lives when it comes to our religious beliefs. But have you ever really asked yourselves how those beliefs were shaped? Are you of a particular religious belief set simply because this is how your parents indoctrinated you, or did you form those beliefs yourself? Do you believe what you learned in public or parochial schools? How much influence did you have from your friends and relatives? How truly personal are those beliefs, and what would it take to shake them?

In “The Revelation of the Nones,” a self-proclaimed messiah arrives asserting very clearly and strongly that all of the world’s religions are false. They are based on folklore, changing interpretations over time, and years of political influence. She claims that even our most sacred religious icons were not true prophets, saviors, gods, etc. Some existed, but were simply human beings preaching their ideas to society at the time. If this actually happened, what would your response be? What questions would you ask yourself? Is your faith susceptible to a new earth-shattering paradigm, or is it so strong that it cannot be shaken even when you are confronted with a potentially believable alternative?

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