About the Book

The Revelation of the Nones

By Arnie Stone

Paperback, 356 Pages

What if you were told that everything you believe about your religion is false? A self-proclaimed “messenger from The Maker,” arrives with a dire warning: the world will soon end, and The Maker will not intervene. There is only one way for us to save ourselves and her mission is to show us the way. She quickly harnesses the strength of the Internet, social media, and the mainstream press. Her message resonates strongly with those already feeling disenfranchised from the organized religions of the world. Soon, millions believe in what she says, abandoning the restrictive religions that they once followed. The unaffiliated, sometimes referred to as “Nones,” rapidly increase their numbers. This globally expanding “religion of no religion” soon begins to threaten the leaders of the major organized religions, led by the United Religious Congress. As the leaders of the URC prepare for their massive world-wide “Call to the Mountain” conference, they are determined to regain their power and their followers at whatever the cost.